VINTAGE & HISTORICAL LIGHTING - Historical replicas and reproductions

Marconi Spotlight II

French Navy Reproduction
Navy Searchlight Tripod Lamp

Coast Guard Patrol Searchlight

over 70" tall
1928 Cadillac Headlight

Floor Lamp

1930's British Navy Searchlight

Floor Lamp
Cinema Light

Airplane Aluminum

Marconi Signal Light

Built to Last a Lifetime

Campaign Tripod Lamp

Surveyor's Style

Campaign Tripod Lamp

Surveyor's Style

Main Hold Lamp

Replica Admiralty Lamp

Steamer Deck Lamp

20th C. Replica Lamp

Brass & Copper Anchor Light

Built to Last Generations

Playhouse Cinema Light

Relica Theater Spotlight

Author's Desk Lamp

Granite Base

Retro Desk Lamp

Granite Base

Concorde Desk Lamp

Solid Brass